Who We Are

Al Ashban Trading Est. which is well known company in Saudi Arabia having professionals and technical staff throughout the Kingdom. We are registered member of Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Health and Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) Health Secretariat. Founded in 1970 by Mohammed Zaid Al-Ashban.

Company Overview –

Saudi Arabia is one of the rapidly growing and developing countries. Considering the fact that there was an extensive demand for a fast and effective distribution network of the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company was born of a vision Healthier nation via nature’s bounties.

Al-Ashban became a big Pharma-Trading company. It commenced operation in medical agencies, distribution and tenders.

The company comprises Executive Board of Members and represented by Board Chairman Dr. Riyadh M. Al Ashban. Dr. Riyadh M. Al Ashban has graduated his Ph. D from The University of Nottingham, U.K., specialized in Pharmaceutical Sciences Analytical Chemistry.

Administrative Positions Held for Dr. Riyadh M. Al Ashban:

Worked as Director, Central Laboratory for Drug & Food Analysis (CLDFA) Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSA

Worked as Director, Drug Quality Control and Drug Research Laboratories of Saudi-Food & Drug Authority SFDA), Saudi Arabia

Associate Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The company is the market leader in the various drugs such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbal, food supplements etc….,
Over the years the company has evolved into knowledge driven company. It is marketing, research and distribution focused, has a multi products portfolio with multi national agencies and becoming a marketing conglomerate across Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ashban has agencies from various countries from the time of its inception and has been awarded government tenders over the past few years.

At Al-Ashban dedicated technical personnel and marketing force are constantly updated and motivated.

Our Divisions –

M. Z. Al-Ashban & Son’s Group of Companies has divisions


(Pharma Agencies, Distribution & Tenders)

Analytica one

(Trading & Tenders of Bio Medical Equipments)


(Retail Pharmacies , Licensed by MOH)


(Government and Private Banking Securities)


(Licensed by MOH)


Energy, Turbines, Instrumentation & Filtration

Interested In our Products and Services ?

We have support available for all our products and services. You can contact us if you need any further support.

Board Chairman –


” I feel privileged to be writing this message as the Chairman of M. Z. Al Ashban & Son’s Group of Companies. This is a special time for our organization history as we celebrate the launching of this business.

 We are beginning the journey of this company as a team and will continuously build this brand committed to helping our clients, sharing our knowledge and creating innovative new avenues within the market.

 With the eminent growth of this company, we will always strive to provide exceptional client service first, and live up to our core values of: Excellence, Leadership, Integrity and Professionalism when it comes to our focus of remaining team and client oriented.

Looking ahead, our team is focused on the execution of our growth strategies while continuing to build a strong brand for our clients. I am incredibly excited for this journey and truly believe that the best is yet to come. “

Our Products –

Business Development –

Over a period Al-Ashban has become knowledge-based company with strong intellectual property. It is now positioned to ride the challenges with strengthened fundamentals.

Al-Ashban business development is responsible for the development and execution of the Pharma sequencing and commercial strategy. The successful incumbent will present and promote clinical trial, companion diagnostics and sequencing services to all potential clients; establishing new accounts, developing new business opportunities leveraging existing accounts and identifying new market opportunities.

Execute business plan with focus on strategic innovation, process improvement and cross functional collaboration required to cultivate and leverage customer relationships.

Develop long term customer relationships through the ability to identify and capitalize upon opportunities that immediately satisfy customer needs.

Provide leadership to a cross functional team of Managers, Outside Sales Mgrs, Inside Sales, Project Managers and Marketing professionals through direction, motivation, coaching, skill development, product, industry, competitive and organizational knowledge.

Deploy resources to meet financial/operating objectives including orders, revenue, contribution margin and base cost control
Develop and implement sales strategies to drive organic growth; responsible for ensuring consistent application of proposal efforts and plans including pricing and cost schemes.

Provide strategic direction and input for proactive marketing activities (e.g. promotions, presentations, publications, tradeshows, etc) Ensure seamless teamwork across the organization including commercial and R&D teams to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our Commitments –

At every level of our organization, all our marketed products, in everything we do, each and every person at Al-Ashban is dedicated to the five commitments that guide our company:

Exceed each customer’s expectations.

Be the highest quality, most flexible, and most efficient provider in the world.

Provide the best technical and scientific solutions to solve difficult development problems and enhance product value.

Create a culture of engagement, ownership and a shared commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Operate our business in a disciplined, responsible, and ethical fashion.

Pharma Team –

M. Z. Al Ashban Group of Companies has employed 250 employees of (9) divisions all over the Kingdom.

Al Ashban Pharmaceuticals a division of M. Z. Al Ashban & Sons Group is been operated by Country Manager.

The Company has four regions, the company employed (2) Area Manager’s, each for one region.

For fast effective distribution system the company employed (9) Sales Supervisors.

To educate a physician about a vendor’s products in hopes that the physician will prescribe the company’s products more often the company employed (46) Medicinal Representatives.

All the representatives are qualified in the medical and scientific practice.

They sell the company’s products, which include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmoceiuticals, to a variety of customers including general practices, primary care trusts (PCTs), hospitals and pharmacies the company employed (12) Sales Representatives.

To coordinate with customers, regulatory affairs and government tenders the company employed (3) Sales Coordinators.

Operations & Branches –

We have three large warehouses in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar and these warehouses are fully equipped with HVAC system and licensed according to the requirements of Ministry of Health.

Our organization has air-conditioned delivery vans to carry the products to retailers. One can easily assume that we take extreme care and attention for handling temperature sensitive products.

Our Warehouses –

We have three large warehouses in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al-Khobar and these warehouses are fully equipped with HVAC system and licensed according to the requirements of Ministry of Health.

Our organization has air-conditioned delivery vans to carry the products to retailers. One can easily assume that we take extreme care and attention for handling temperature sensitive products.

Success Partners –